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The world is abuzz about the latest tidbits of information to emerge from this story. Here is just a sample of the reactions of BlackPlanet members.

Can_Abz_Live says, “You chicks make me sick. If it was Craig Mack you females would be ready to burn the brotha, but since its Chris Brown you give him the benefit of the doubt..smh”

All4u-redbone1 says, “Who cares… f*** rihanna and chris brown…they ain’t puttin money in my pocket.”

go-go24 says, “Damn, he bit her. WTF!! I mean, she looks good enough to eat but not like that. I hope she is well though.”

Mrtallbrwn-n-fine says, “What a lot of people seem to fail to realize is the man is human and he is not perfect. Domestic abuse is wrong any way you look at it. He made a mistake he’s young, rich, and famous anything he does is gonna be under a microscope. what we need to do is stop putting these entertainers on such a high perch because when they do something wrong we are quick to knock them down and to criticize them. Entertainers are not GOD and we as a society need to stop acting like they are. They eat like us, they s*** like us and they make stupid ass choices like all of us!!!!!”

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