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California — Findings in the recent U.S. census data show that Oakland’s African-American population has dropped 25 percent in the last decade.

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The startling statistic shocked many who view Oakland as a historic African-American city in this country for decades. A community where the Black Panther Party sprung from its roots and many African American legends call home.

Oakland became one of the only big cities in California to decline in size, and lost 33,000 African-Americans in the last decade. It now has nearly as many white and Latino people as African Americans.

But Oakland isn’t alone as other majority African American cities like D.C. are declining as well. In the recent census, D.C.’s Black population has declined. Studies also predict that D.C.  won’t be a majority Black city come 2014.

Most of the growth in African American cities is occurring in the south in cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Dallas and Charlotte. These cities have accounted for 75 percent of the total Black growth in the south. More can be read on these growths and declines here

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D.C. Black population is decreasing

By 2014, Blacks won’t be majority in D.C.