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NEW YORK-J.C. Davies a dating writer from New York city has self published a book “I Got the Fever: Love, What’s Race Gotta Do With It?”about interracial dating. The book is drawing criticism for being politically incorrect in its depictions of dating various ethnicities.

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The New York post reports:

Devastated and facing foreclosure on her Midtown condo, she was inspired to write her (self-published) book — complete with cover photo of her surrounded by a multicultural array of shirtless male models — when a friend suggested she “write about dating black guys.”

“My first black boyfriend, he was a Republican, and I guess most people, because he was so corporate and wore a suit, would say he was an Oreo.”

Davies doesn’t seem to realize that this is both an offensive and decidedly outdated term, but that’s the way she speaks — kind of like Jerry Seinfeld’s casually racist girlfriend on the infamous “Anti-Dentite” episode of “Seinfeld.”

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