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One of the main reasons that most of us that voted for Barack Obama in 2008, did so was because we were so sure that never again, under his watch at least, would an American president anoint himself “God” like George W. Bush had so clearly done and decide that he should dictate policy for the rest of the world.

Hell, we were already hemorrhaging American lives in two foreign wars—Iraq and Afghanistan—and we believed, well, I did at least, that this new guy would be shrewd enough to let the premieres and the people of other countries decide upon their own leadership.

Yet, here we go again.

Now, under the premise that Libyan strong man Muammar Qadaffi-Qaddhafi-Gaddafi-Kaddafi-Khadafy-Qadhafi-Qadaffi-Gadaffi or whatever, has violated a newly instituted UN sponsored “no-fly zone”, the United States, in conjunction with France, Canada, Great Britain and Italy has bombed the crap out of the Libyan coast, all while a civil war continues to rage on the country’s North African home front.

Not good.

Now, while I’m not gonna side with an obvious dictator, I will make these two points:

1)      If my brother and I were fighting and you jumped in on either side, don’t be surprised when we team up to kick your ass.

2)      If a gang of my neighbors decided that I should no longer be allowed into my living room because I could hatch some nefarious plot from there and then threw a Molotov cocktail through my window as I sat down to watch the Knicks, expect me to be pissed!

Unlike that “thing” with Iraq where a rip-off to profit the oil-rich cronies of our last president was clearly the reason that we went to war, I’m still struggling to find any kind of logic whatsoever for attacking Libya.

One commenter in the newspaper that I read online jokingly suggested that the tomahawk missiles we now have in stock must be growing old and that we’re probably only using them to make room for newer inventory.

This would actually make more sense than anything else I can think of.

Still, when our own Barack Obama says something as ridiculous as, “We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy,” I wonder if he realizes who he sounds exactly like.


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