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Since Eddie Murphy is turning 50 today here are some of his funniest moments from work on “Saturday Night Live,” “Raw,” “Delirious,” “48 Hours,” “Beverly Hills Cop,” and “Coming To America.”


10. Axel Foley Checks Into Beverly Hills Hotel

Eddie showed his natural born, charm, hustle and humor by conning the Beverly Hills Palm Hotel with a nice story about Michael Jackson.

9. Eddie Talks About The First Black President (Delirious). Eddie predicted the large amount off assassination threats that the first Black president would get pretty accurately.

8. Eddie Plays African To Dan Ackroyd’s Rasta In Trading Places

All I have to say is Boo-bwele-Boo-bwele-Boo-bwele-ah-HA..

7. Eddie Murphy is Mr. Robinson On SNL.

Great Mr. Rogers in the hood parody

6. Eddie Murphy Recalls The Ice Cream Man In Delirious

The Ice Cream Man Is Coming!!!

5. Eddie Murphy Does Ebony And Ivory As Stevie Wonder As Sinatra

You are blind as a bat and I have sight

4. Eddie Murphy Talks About His Wife Umfufu In Raw.

Tad bit politically incorrect but hilarious none the less.

3. Eddie Murphy At The Redneck Bar In 48 Hours


2. Eddie Murphy Breaks Down Family Cookouts In Raw

Uncle Gus is off the hook

1. Eddie Murphy At The Coming To America Barbershop

Mama name him Clay…I’m a call him Clay


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