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In a recent NewsOne/Black Planet poll, we asked African Americans across the country their thoughts on President Obama bombing Libya and President Qaddafi. Their thoughts split across various answers.

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Close to 35 percent of African Americans believe Obama is doing so because of Qaddafi’s treatment of Libyans. Twenty-one percent believe that Qaddafi and his army are a serious threat to the nation.

On the flip side, it’s fair to assume that many think this is just political posturing by Obama. Close to 15 percent of Blacks believe he is just doing this to appease republicans. Twenty-three percent believe this is all about oil. Seven percent believe he is bending down to the Jewish population by showing his loyalty and commitment to protecting Israel.

Below are the poll numbers:

* Oil 23%

* Re-election appeal to Republicans 15%

* Prove loyalty to Isreal 7%

* Gadhafi’s treatment of Libyans 34%

* Gadhafi’s a threat to the U.S. 21%


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