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Don’t think for a second that the police themselves are behind the apparent upswing we’ve been witnessing lately in their heinous assaults on our fellow citizens.

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That’s like blaming the dog for biting you after you’ve clearly heard his owner yell“Sic ‘em!”

No, the police don’t have the mentality, nor moreover the authority to dictate their own actions. They take their cues from whichever political agenda is backed by the biggest financers.

So when you see stuff like that poor young man having the police try to snatch his baby out of his arms so that they can arrest him, or the young woman that was first maced by the police then dragged onto the ground by her jeans and in the very next story you learn that more black men are imprisoned today than were enslaved in 1850, you might catch yourself thinking, “Wait a minute…”

Is this, as Gil Scott-Heron would wonder, a big ol’ “C” for “Coincidence” or a little bitty “c” for “conspiracy”?

If you picked the latter, yeah, you’d be right.

Do the mathematics. Solve the problems yourself. Think rationally.

In the first instance, if the police didn’t have their current agenda, they’d have said to the guy with the baby, “Sir, we’ve gotta arrest you; so is there anybody you can call to come and get the baby?”

But no, they attempted to act out the scene in Roots where Kizzy is stolen away from her parents, this despite a male voice in the crowd that was offering to take the baby away.

In the second instance, the police themselves seem to have clearly lost respect for their own presence.

When the cops show up, everybody’s supposed to chill out. And all that the cops are supposed to subsequently ask is “What’s going on here?”

Everybody says, “Nuffin’”, acts dumb, the beefing ends, and everybody goes about their business, including and especially the cops.

But to make violent arrests during a girl fight? A girl fist fight?

Pathetic, even for cops.

In the last instance, well, there was good money in keeping us in chains just like there’s good money in keeping us in jail.

Look at it this way, between the years 1980 and 1994, the corporate profits for businesses that used prison labor rose from 392 million to 1.32 billion.

Where do you think that number is now?

Where do you think it’s going?

Most importantly, how do you think it’s gonna get there?

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