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The Obama administration has detailed where the money from the stimulus plan will go on their new website

As we see most of the money will go to tax relief. This is most likely a way to appease the republicans. The state and local relief will help out our publi schools and create or save a lot of state jobs. THe money going to infrastructure and science should also create a lot of jobs, both for intellectuals and working class people.

The 53 billion dollars will help a lot of the inner city schools that have been struggling and are facing cutbacks. The Obama andmisinstraion has already given health care to 11 million uninsured children and it seems like they will continue in this direction.

I’m not to sure what they mean by protecting the vulnerable, but I can assume it means helping out senior citizens, poor people, and children in need.

I talked to Jared Bernstein, the the chief economist for Vice President Joe Biden about the stimulus package here is a transcript of our conversation.

Casey Gane-McCalla Yeah. Thanks a lot for doing this, you know, for all us bloggers, we appreciate it. Um, Obama briefly spoke about, uh, the school system and more money going to schools. The urban education system has needed a bailout, you know, for twenty plus years in cities like Detroit, the, drop out rate is eighty per cent, New York is fifty per cent, , Baltimore, seventy five. What measures in the stimulus package will not only, , prevent these schools from further failing, but actually maybe help them, because I know at least in New York state they’re talking about cutting, New York City, excuse me, they’re talking about cutting twenty three thousand jobs? And in the already struggling school systems. So what measures from the stimulus package will go to help out the urban educational system?

Jared Bernstein: Um, hm. Uh, there are a number of measures. Uh, I would say that, uh, help in that regard. Um, and again, I have to warn you that, uh, I’m doing my best to keep up with, uh, the new numbers that are coming in from the conference, but, uh, let me go through a few components of the bill that I, uh, I know, uh, would speak to the question you raised. Um, I’m just lining, um, there is, uh, there, there’s, uh, funding in this package for, uh, education and training, um, uh. And the education component of that is, uh, uh, well together it’s over a hundred billion dollars. There’s funding here for early childhood education, uh, Head Start, uh, for, um, uh, uh, school, school improvement, Title I, um, the uh, uh, significant funding for, uh, for Pell Grants, uh, there’s, uh, training dollars I think which are actually critically important for some of the populations who are under served in this regard. Um, training, there, there’s uh, uh, youth training, there’s employment service training, there’s, uh, a, uh, training for dislocated workers who lose their jobs. Um, the, uh, I think some of the key, uh, factors that will help to, um, uh, uh, promote, uh, the, uh, the, uh, that will help to, and will offset some of the pieces you’re talking about are, um, are Title I grants, school improvement grants, some of the IDEA grants, uh, some of the, uh, uh, uh, small grants for, uh, education for homeless folks. Um, I don’t know the magnitudes of those in the final deal, but I, I, I know that they were all under negotiation and, and I’m, uh, confident that some of those remain in the package.

Watch Obama Speak on the Stimulus Plan