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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania– A trans-gender singer who is suspected in the death of a 20-year-old British woman after giving her butt injections, released a video on YouTube blasting the media.

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Padge Victoria Windslowe , 42, who performs under the stage name Black Madam, has avoided speaking to investigators, but claims she is “not on the run” in the video.

“It’s going out to all the media whose [sic] put a lot of negative things out about me,” the performer says on camera. “They don’t know me, but yet they assume – and you know what they say about people assuming.”

She also expressed her disdain with the media portraying her as a murderer– but appeared to be concerned more with inaccurate reports of her age, “To tell you the truth, out of all the stuff that they put out, I was so heated that – how dare they put that I’m 41!” she said, in the video. “I don’t look 41. God no!”.

Authorities are waiting for toxicology reports before they move forward with any charges.



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