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It is April Fools’ Day 2011 and pranksters are out full-fledge on the web.  Some websites are taking a geeky approach by altering their sites to look retro, like Hulu and YouTube did, while others are going for the old fashioned prank that’ll have you smacking your forehead for believing an outrageous lie.

Here are the top pranks and news items for 2011:

1. Hulu’s homepage gets a 1996 make-over

If you landed on Hulu today to watch your favorite movies or TV shows, you may have thought you landed on your friend’s 1996 Geo-cities site. The best television shows of ’96 are shown with horribly pixelated and slow-loading photos, and the design looks very plain and outdated.  If you want to take a walk down memory lane, check it out– if you are not excited by the dark-ages of the Internet, opt-out by clicking the scrolling marquee. This was the most clever and creative prank of the day.  Check it out at

2. Google’s Ad for an “Autocompleter”

If you can type 320,000 WPM, Google needs you to suggest search results in real time. While we all know that this job can only be done by a computer, its pretty amusing that the people at Google have some-what of a sense of humor. While it is possibly the nerdiest prank of the day– I have to wonder if anyone actually tried to apply to be an Autocompleter. Autocompleter Job Listing.

3. Funny Or Die gets Rebecca Blacked-Out

It is only appropriate for comedy website Funny Or Die to feature the girl who sang “It’s Friday” on today– and not because today is Friday. The song seems to be a huge joke; however it has drawn 73 million views launching the 13 year old singer Rebecca Black into instant stardom.  There are Rebecca Black spoof videos, screen-savers, GIFS, and everything else that a creepy fan site would have. This one is epic, because she’s pranking us all straight to the bank.  Take a look at

4. World Star Hip-Hop fakes a dirty celebrity video

World Star Hip-Hop got their hands on a video of singer Mya being pleasured– or so they say.  I’ll do you a favor and spoil this one for you– It’s actually an extremely close shot of a  man rubbing on his hairy armpit as he moans and makes dirty talk. Gaining over 100 thousand views in a few hours, apparently it fooled a lot of people who wanted to see if Mya’s love was actually “like wo”.  This one was definitely the dirtiest prank of the day so far.  Watch video.

***More pranks and news to come as the day progresses

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