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ATLANTA -Black unemployment rose again this past month, while the overall job rate declined to 8.8. percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

The report indicates black unemployment surged to 15.5 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The previous rate was 15.3 percent, which was down from January’s 15.7 percent. The rate had been 15.8 percent in December and 16 percent in November. The highest rate, since President Obama took office, was 16.3 percent in August.

President Obama, the nation’s first black to hold the office, has said that he will not target jobs to individual races among the nearly 14 million unemployed Americans.

A new report by the National Urban League, a leading U.S. civil rights organization, says a big disparity exists between whites and African Americans who struggle to find jobs, get adequate healthcare and enroll in college. The annual study examines the lives of blacks in the United States and suggests that they are worse off as the nation climbs out from the biggest economic downturn since the 19-thirties.

The Urban League says it would like to see more summer jobs programs and training like what the Campbell cousins are looking for. But experts say to improve black unemployment stagnation it will take an industry-wide approach that also encourages racial sensitivities.

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