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It’s important that we understand just how messed up Africa is. It’s important that any bad news from Africa become big news.

Still, I wasn’t surprised at all to read recently how poverty rates and child death rates have been falling steadily across the continent while the McKinsey Quarterly describes Africa as “among the world’s most rapidly growing economic regions.”

The reason the story that I read gave for virtually ignoring any good news from Africa was that many international aid companies like the United Nations are always on the lookout for more dough so it would be against their own better interest to tell other truths.


I’d like to add a couple of other potential reasons if I might.

For a long time the wholesale colonization of Africa by European powers was justified by the belief that Blacks, if left to our own devices, couldn’t govern ourselves.

Falling poverty rates and rapidly growing economies kinda screws up that notion.

Also, I’ve always argued that, as far as race in America is concerned, Black people are just a distraction.

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Sure, slavery sucked, but truly, the greatest crime committed on these shores was the genocide of the indigenous people.

It still amazes me that instead of ever thinking about leaving this dump—which bears a striking similarity to Rome near the end of their run—American Blacks would rather stay here and argue with white people about racism and other such inanities.

Why do we stay?

Well, because Africa’s a vile and disease encrusted land filled with ugly, degenerate, AIDS-carrying halfwits that are all poor and slobbering; featuring children with flies buzzing around their faces and bloated bellies.

I mean, that’s the truth, ain’t it?

Finally, let’s say all the Indians aren’t dead.

They’re gonna want some get-back, you think?

Expect us to catch a tomahawk meant for a white man as we stand in the street screaming about the comparative media bias when dealing with meltdowns of Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown.


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