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The members of BlackPlanet have not been shy in expressing how they feel about the controversial “chimp” cartoon released in the New York Post newspaper this week.

Here is just a sample of their opinions.

HotRodBaby said,

“I agree that this cartoon was blatantly racist and deserves a call to action against an obviously low class news outlet like the NY Post. I just this morning gave my last few dollars to a caucasion vietnam vet who is homeless and out of work and then I read this nonsense about our president. As I’ve said time and time again when they take the time to degrade and disrespect an intelligent person like President Obama, they should look back over the last eight years and realize a chimpanzee could have probably done as good a job as “not to curious George Bush and his administration. The folks at the ny post are idiots and should be boycotted until the issue a formal apology.”

BlaQue-Eye said,

“The only thing that white folks understand is the power of the dollar. It has long been my position that we have lost the discipline of our fathers and grandfathers. We have forgotten the lessons they have taught us. the bus boycotts of Alabama worked because the powers that be were losing money. they didn’t cave in because it was the right thing to do. It was an economic reason that drove their decision to change their policy on blacks on buses. Now here we are again the NY Post is basically saying, hey lighten up it was a joke we didn’t mean anything by it.

Here in Philly these young cats don’t respect police. Brotha’s have killed at least 6 officers in the last year alone. They realize that they are not respected by our police officers and fire back without hesitation. I say that to say this. If I drew a cartoon that showed a police officer splayed out with bullet wounds, and the caption read “I guess they will have to get someone else to arass the neighborhood.” (Remember Ice-T’s Cop Killer)I would recieve death threats and worse, true harassment, lose my job, have trouble finding another. The National media would get to it and I would be vilified from coast to coast (by white folks and docile blacks). But that is not my way I will speak with my dollar. I am not sure who the publisher is for the NY post but I am sure that they have an affiliated news paper here in the Philadelphia area and I will let my dollar speak for me. I will not spend my money on any affiliated newspaper or affiliated newsgroup.

My name is Fred Hallmon and I approve this rant.”

Arrielle2007 said,

“We all can sit here and complain and post all day about how wrong they are for this. But they’ve drawn the line and let you know what the deal is. Now the question is…… What are we as black people going to do about it? Answer that!”

wonderful360 said,

“The symbolism of it all relates to the 1940’s degrading of blacks as primates(we were called apes, gorillas and baboons in an open manner those days) and the cops making the statement of having someone else write the next stimulus bill is a blatant attack on president obama and nothing else. I was totally shocked and appalled by this degrading illustration that really shows how we are looked at as a people. The post allowing such a thing should be banned and the paper should be boycotted by all who oppose this disgusting thing. These trying times will bring out the best of themes in all phases, so be prepared for it!!!!!”

underlying_love said,

“You know after all this time, it’s sad that I am almost immune to this type of behavior.  Still doesn’t mean that is is not reprehensible.”

CocoaCarolina said,

“It’s underlying racism that has been going on ever since and after the Civil Rights movement…just like people said racism was dead then, they said it would die with a black president. BUT no, it just becomes more abstract. People hate, dislike, discriminate and they will continue! H*** it goes on inside our own race, no diff! But if whoever was meaning this with bad intent…sux for them cause President Obama is still their Pres!!And their is nothing they can do about it but doodle HA!! LOL!”

tjuice001 said,

“Black people, wake up! If this is not a racially charged attack, then what is? When will we as a people and a community stop turning the other cheek and stand up for ourselves? If we don’t do then who will? No one will (that’s right!)! Stop making excuses for their ignorance and start making some noise about it!!!”

Revolutionaryrascal said,

“Never under estimate a cartoonist ability to try and slip a sutle hint of racism. I for one a cartoonist. Quit giving the media credit for what has been obvious for so many years. Of course it’s not totally the artist fault its the editor for not understanding the racism as well as the publisher for publishing such a degrading cartoon. Its also our fault for not seeing through their tactics as we continue to feed and digest the content of such racist journalism.”

Last_Revelation said,

“i’m an artist and this is racist… if you guys are blind… then be blind… but this is racism… and trust me… i don’t agree with all al says, but this is definitely racism. They made fun of bush, yes… but 1 out of all of white america who has been compared in terms of looks, does not compare to the numerous blacks who have been compared as a result of them feeling that we are ignorant and primitive… in addition, it directly addresses the stimulus bill, which is in a strong attempt to be passed by obama, who is african american, so anyone denouncing this as racism is a fool… this is a clear attempt at subliminal messaging and a way to voice racism without directly taking the blunt of the criticism… this is racism with a scapegoat…”

Haitian_Sausage said,

“Well Racist things happen everyday in this country, there are certain things that are done to the highest level.  this is prejudice to the highest level.

We don’t fight it, more need to come.  I do understand sometimes, one black boy like me get shot in a back alley; one black woman didn’t get her raise; one black man like me didn’t get his position oh just because.

We must fight this to the highest level to gain respect.  we let it go hmm oh yeah it’s alrite.  tomorrow it might be me, you, or just maybe that anything black is not needed as newsone or blackplanet.

The Audacity to do it during black history month sometimes make you think…”

Mason-Shriner said,

“A cartoon such as this is nothing more than the trend of ignorance plaguing our nation. Sometimes things such as the cartoons are designed (in my opinion) to see how far they can go in causing strife and confusion. You can see the artists beliefs and stereotypes throughout the cartoon: (1) he has no respect for the Government and the highest position in our United States; (2) He has no concerned of the welfare for the millions of suffering Americans (of all ethnicities) which the Stimulus Bill will eventually assist; (3) He views white policemen as legalized murders, racists, and animal rights violators; and (4) He has no respect for the New York Post, one of the leading and most popular read items in the United States. I also question the individual(s) who permitted such a cartoon to be posted.

To portray a killed chimpanzee is a mockery in itself, even if the artist somehow attempts to evade the cartoon’s true intent. The Chimpanzee had to be killed because he mauled a human being. What the artist failed to realize in his cartoon is that he also portrays white police as “legalized” killers and racists, so my fellow readers, let’s look past the ignorance of cartoonist such as this and ask the New York Post are they condoning contempt for the Government, racial, and inhumane animal treatment?

Maybe the N.Y. Post should terminate the artists’ employment and let him feel the effects of those who the stimulus bill will eventually aid; at least he’ll have a better appreciation for President Obama. Let him stroll the streets of New York or the city he lives in, searching and eating discarded food like a stray animal (Chimpanzee) and treated like such by those passing and mocking him. Let’s see if he gets harassed by white cops while he strolls on the streets. Maybe then he’ll learn to appreciate the things we so enjoy here in America, and even learn a bit more about the freedom of speech we enjoy which shouldn’t be taken for granted or exploited.

The artists and others like him need to get over the fact we have a black President; that it’s a done deal, and they need to move on with their lives and stop pouting like spoiled brats. The country has proven itself; we are better than racism and can look beyond those idiotic beliefs. To all those who choose to embrace racism, remember this, African-Americans did not voluntarily come to this country, it was Caucasians who exploited my forefathers and took them against their will to this nation. You should be upset with your ancestors. Now that we’re here, we have just as much right to this land that your ancestors exploited and stole from the Native Americans. You are the problem here in America, not those you hate and exploit.


T. J.”

positivlysmb says,

“I don’t understand the shock and disbelief of some on this post. Do you not know the depraved nature of these people? Read history….they mistreated each other. Do you not understand it has nothing to do with you being “black”? It is because you are a “human”(man with a hue). They are “humankind” or “mankind”(kinda like a man). Understand this and pay attention to words. You will not take it personally. All of their depraved actions are not directed at “people of color”. Look at how they cannot live in harmony with nature. Look at how they treat the earth. You think your mad? How do you think God feels?? Never forget that these people come from caves. That is the beginning of their history. Read history. Once you do, you will not take it personally. Don’t be offended by “monkey” comments from them. A monkey has big ears, thin lips, hairy, pale skin, flat azz and very close eyes. Between you and them….they look just like a damn monkey. Don’t forget the red dot in thier eyes. The same red dot you see in dogs, monkeys and other animals. Don’t get upset about this mess. Remember you are dealing with an angry race of people. Angry with God. Angry with everyone and everything. They feel slighted. How would you feel if everything in the world had color but you?”

Blackdogg6 said,

I have to agree with BlaQue-Eye.

As a fellow Philadelphian, I too will speak with my dollar. That cartoon was just down right degrading. And yes, with all of the cop killings in our beloved city. If we were to post something like that on a newspaper, magazine or even on youtube. The backlash would be endless. We as a race of people need to fight this thing with dignity and keep in mind that the only thing that can effect this organization or company is to hit them in the wallet. It work for my parents , with the late Dr. King. Some old tactics still have an impact.

A_Champ said,

“This is the bitter “Irony” of the black people. It’s totally ok for black people to say “cracka this and cracka that”; its ok for Dave Chapelle to dawn a white man costume and stereotype; or when every black comedian has a joke a about a white family and how they live their day to day lives. But then a cartoon is drawn and it’s complete mayhem. This is why we can’t propel forward, its a very childish way of thinking that we as blacks hold on to. We make fun of other races and their mannerisms but we can’t take it ourselves. all of a sudden everyone is part of the NAACP. This is a traditional problem with black people, we can’t take what we dish out. now we are all in an uproar. Was the cartoon racist? I’m inclined to say yes since obama is the president. But we along with many other take the power away form his title as president. why must we say the first black president all the time. At the end of the day he is the President of the united States. Not just a black president. in the end there will be no separate column in our countries history for black presidents unless we make it.”

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