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WOBURN, MA-Blayn Jiggetts, the friend and alleged accomplice of Jabrai Copney, the son of a former NYPD captain who wrote “Feelin It” for R&B group New Edition, testified against Copney yesterday in Woburn regarding the murder of Justin Cosby. Jiggetts has plead guilty to manslaughter and agreed to testify against Copney in return for a lighter sentence. The Harvard Crimson reports:

In his testimony, Jiggetts said that he and Aquino met Copney at the McDonald’s in South Station to plan the robbery. Jiggetts would pull the firearm out and demand the marijuana, and Copney would take the drugs.

The trio met Copney’s girlfriend and former Harvard College student Brittany J. Smith in her dorm room in Lowell House where Copney asked Jiggetts to load the gun, Jiggetts said yesterday.

As planned, Jiggetts pulled the firearm out of his bookbag and raised it to Cosby, demanding the marijuana that they had agreed to purchase. Cosby waved the marijuana in front of Jiggetts but did not let Jiggetts pull it away from him. This exchange carried on a few times before Copney tapped Jiggetts on the shoulder, and Jiggetts handed the firearm to him.

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