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Documents recently released by the FBI name late rappers Eazy-E and 2Pac as targets of extortion. The pair were allegedly targeted by the Jewish Defense League.

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“On September 11, 1996 [redacted] reported that JDL, and others yet unidentified have been extorting money from various rap music stars via death threats,” the report states. “The scheme involves [redacted] and other subjects making telephonic death threats to the rap star. Subjects then intercede by contacting the victim and offering protection for a ‘fee’. Source reported that ERIC WRIGHT, also known as EAZY-E, who owned RUTHLESS RECORDS, Woodland Hills, California, was a victim of this extortion scheme prior to dying from AIDS. [Redacted] had also reportedly targeted TUPAC SHAKUR prior to his recent murder in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

The investigation into the Jewish Defense League was closed in May 1999 after the FBI were unable to get anyone to corroborate their initial source’s claims.


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