WOBURN, MA-Blayn “Blizz” Jiggetts continued his testimony at the Harvard Murder Trial against his former friend and co defendant, Jabrai Copney. He said that Copney asked him to bring a gun down for a marijuana robbery because the murder victim, Justin Cosby, was a “street kid.” Jiggetts also testified that he got the gun from his cousin, Jason Aquino, his former co defendant and cousin,  who has plead guilty to manslaughter.

According to Jiggetts, Aquino offered him a choice of two guns a 9-Millimieter or a 45. Cal but warned him there were four to five bodies on the.45  gun (the gun was responsible for the deaths of at least four people)

Jiggets also testified about his relationship with Channequa Campbell, the former Harvard student who confessed to being a drug dealer who had knowledge that Copney and company were planning on robbing Cosby and also has testified against Copney. Jiggetts claimed that he had sexual intercourse with Campbell, stayed in her dorm room and received $500 for cocaine to provide for her that he never did. Campbell famously proclaimed that Harvard was picking on her because she was “Black and from the hood” when she was suspended after the incident.

He also testified that Copney’s girlfriend, former Harvard student, Brittany Smith, helped hide the gun used in the murder, as well as pack the marijuana stolen in the robbery and helped the three of them escape to New York from the Harvard campus.


Friend Testifies Against Songwriter In Harvard Murder Trial

Ex-Harvard Student Admits To Being Drug Dealer In Murder Trial

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