MIAMI-Catie Scott-Gonzalez was brutally beaten by her husband, Paul Gonzalez, when a judge ordered that he pay child support. ABC News reports:

“He had told the judge he was going to take the kids and nobody was going to see them again……I looked at the judge to see the judge’s response,” she said. “When he came after me, it was from behind…he started strangling me with his left hand and started hitting me on my face with his right hand.”

Her daughter was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The first blow to her head had knocked her unconscious. Bailiffs had to taser Gonzalez twice to subdue him.

The Ft. Lauderdale woman spent three days in the hospital with a broken nose, fractured cheekbone and broken jaw. She was so badly beaten that her children, Isabella, 2, and Nathaniel, 3, didn’t recognize their mother.

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