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OK Long story short. Sarah Palin had a sister, here sister married a cop. They had a bitter divorce. Sarah Palin used her power as governor to put pressure on officials to have her brother in law fired from his position as state trooper. Then when they asked her about it she lied. But they had a tape recorded conversation of her surrogate trying to pressure an official to fire her brother in law so she admitted she did.

Salin is showing that she is a classic Bush Republican abusing power for personal vendettas than lying about it(Valerie Plame, fired DOJ officials). Is it even a scandal that a Republican is crooked anymore or is it just expected.

The national media hasn’t been covering this but Alaska’s own KTVA has. They had a poll of all viewers on whether Salin was telling the truth about Troopergate and 85% of all the people thought she was lying here’s some good stuff on the scandal from KTVA.

Listen to a Salin Surrogate Put Pressure on an Official to Fire Wooten (gets juicy 7 minutes in)

Monegan says Palin administration and first gentleman used governor’s office to pressure firing first family’s former brother-in-law

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Troopergate Footage

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