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Check out our Top 10 Most Racist Rush Limbaugh Comments

Many of us know that what Rush Limbaugh is best at is opening his mouth. We also know that when he opens his mouth – whether it’s about Donovan McNabb or President Obama – racist statements will be heard.

Writer Oliver Willis recently took it upon himself to find all the racist Rush Limbaugh comments that can be found on the net. He found 46 of them. Are there any you feel he’s missing?

Here are the first 3:

1 Limbaugh on Obama: “Halfrican American” [1/24/07]

2 Limbaugh on Obama: His “only chance of winning is that he’s black” [6/2/08]

3 Limbaugh on Jesse Jackson: Kerry camp got “a chocolate chip” [1/30/04]

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