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So what did last night teach us about our president? Mark Halperin runs down the list in his Time blog The Page:

1. He smartly plans to ignore the media’s fetishistic obsession with how he balances optimism and realism.

2. Michelle Obama (and her popularity) will not go unused by the administration as a valuable asset.

3. He appreciates Joe Biden, even when he wants to muzzle him (which

is often) – and Biden is gamely taking to his role as public comic


4. The president has a good ear for the level of populist outrage he

needs to exhibit to satisfy the public’s anger over Wall Street


5. If Republicans weren’t sufficiently worried about the size and

reach of Obama’s megaphone before Tuesday night, they should ramp up

their concern now.

6. Obama truly believes he is at the beginning of four-year teaching

moment for the American people – and that his students are mature

enough and interested enough to actually learn.

7. He’s Mr. Cool, then, now and forever.

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