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Black Eyed Peas artist Will.I.Am made headlines recently for calling women with condoms in their homes “tacky” in an interview with Elle Magazine.

Elle: If you walked into a woman’s house, what one item would convince you that you weren’t compatible?

W: If she had condoms in her house, that would just f[—]in’ throw me off. That’s just tacky.

Elle: Well, okay, I could see if she had a candy bowl full of them on the coffee table. But if she’s got a few in a drawer, wouldn’t that simply suggest she’s health-conscious?

W: I just think, like, if you’re into someone and you guys get to that level, then that’s something you should converse about together and say, “Hey, maybe we should get some.”

The remarks have upset birth-control and abstinence advocates who charge that it is all too common for people without condoms to have spur-of-the-moment unprotected sex without any real conversation.


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