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After close to 50 years of service in the media business, TV One President and CEO Johnathan Rodgers is retiring in June.

Under his leadership, the network, which serves nearly 53 million adults has become recognized as the quality programming alternative for African-Americans.

The award-winning cable network is available in 53 million homes and has seen the majority of its success come under the watchful eye of Rodgers.

Rodgers began his career as a journalist for Sports Illustrated then moving on to work for NBC and CBS. After moving into media management, Rodgers eventually became an Executive Producer at CBS News and later the President of the CBS Television Stations group.  In 1996, he joined the cable industry when he went to Discovery Communications as the President of the U.S. Networks group. He came to TV One in 2004.

“Running TV One has been an honor, a privilege and a labor of love for me,” said Johnathan Rodgers. “I was able to bring all my experiences from my previous jobs to help create this wonderful network. I want to thank Brian Roberts and Comcast for their support, and especially Alfred Liggins for his vision in creating and funding TV One and for allowing me to run it for the past seven years. There could have been no better way to cap off a long and satisfying career in the television business for me than to help build a sustainable channel that African American adults, indeed all Americans can be very proud of.”

TV One Chairman and Radio One President and CEO Alfred Liggins also lauded Rodgers for his great work.

“When I realized that there was a business opportunity for launching a black cable channel nearly a decade ago, Quincy Jones told me there was only one person I should pursue to develop the channel, and that was Johnathan Rodgers,” said Liggins. “That was great advice, and Johnathan’s involvement in TV One has been invaluable in its success on so many different levels. He is leaving the network on very solid footing for the future.”


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