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For a while things were quiet on the Glenn Beck shock front.

But alas, the round mouth of Fox News is back and shocking many with a planned rally in Jerusalem out of all places.

Here is his pitch to his public and Fox News:

This August, join me for an event I have named Restoring Courage. If you have restored the honor in your life, if you have done the things that we have asked you to do, then you know when you are given an opportunity to stand, whether it is because you are influenced by the thinking of Dietrich Bonhaffer, or you are influened by the words of Ezekiel, God is very clear…

I don’t know if these are the  times. I just know that the old hatreds are starting up. The very gates of hell are going to open up against us. I don’t know how many people can afford to come… it’s expensive to go. Really expensive. I don’t even know where the money is going to come from to put this event on. I just know it will.

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