Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest move is as old as time.

In fathering a child with his former domestic servant, Mildred Baena, the Terminator has pretty much proven, to paraphrase the now infamous words of Denny Green, that he is who we thought he was.

The French have a term for what Arnie’s done. It’s called droit du seigneur, which means literally, the “rights of the lord” or translates to the idea that the lord of an estate has the right to take the virginity of his serf’s maidens.

Of course, we as Black people know this, uh, “right”, and not necessarily from the French.

And I always take it a step further. I always say, don’t just think about the women. What about the slaveowners that were homosexuals or child molesters?

Of course, the beauty of slavery was that in a legal sense, whenever a slaveowner slept with a slave woman, he wasn’t “raping” her. He owned her.

You could no more accuse him of rape for using his property the way he wished than you could accuse of him theft every time he took his own horse out for a ride.

Of course, in every moral sense, what he did was exactly rape.

Similarly, when a male employer puts the moves on a female employee it, what exactly do you think he’s using as leverage?

Well, if you don’t believe it’s “do this or your fired” you got a ‘D’ or lower in human psychology.

This is exactly why for years and right up until it became financially unfeasible for most families, many men absolutely refused to allow their wives to work.

And sexual harassment laws, women’s liberation and a more evolved technological age aside, the dynamic has remained exactly the same.

There’s almost no way that a male boss can have a consensual sexual relationship with a female employee.

And ladies, you guys don’t help.

Fellahs, you ever see a woman on her way to a job interview?

She might look “professional” but sometimes you might stop to wonder at just what she’s a “pro”.

And I don’t write those last few lines to knock women; we live in the kind of understandably shallow society where if you’ve got one thing and you need another it’s shrewd to at least barter the possibility of the one for the reality of the other, and here’s where it all comes back to men.

A male boss has got to realize that a hot female employee is just like a movie. She might look real and seem real but you can’t touch her.

And if there’s anything that Arnold Schwarzenegger should have known about, it’s the movies.


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