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Now Limbaugh wants the Supreme Court to fail

Limbaugh Wants Sotomayor to Fail

Rush Limbaugh has been in the news all year. Its hard to keep up with him. Here are some of the stories our favorite evil bigot is driving.

Here is a good link to a piece on Jack and Jill Politics about Limbaugh’s rant comparing liberals and community organizers to Somali pirates.

Obama wouldn’t have given order if he knew “Somali community organizers were actually young, black Muslim teenagers”

Here’s a piece by the Huffington Post documenting Limbaugh dissing NJ Congressman, Donald Payne

“I don’t know why community organizers in Somalia would fire on a fellow community organizer … they could like the guy if they just had a sit-down with him.”

Limbaugh: Somali Pirates Like American Liberals

Limbaugh Picks His Favorite Republicans, Sanford and Palin

Republican Caller Calls Limbaugh Brainwashed Nazi

Jon Stewart Tells Limbaugh to Ge the F Out of New York City

Limbaugh says Obama Will Give British PM Anal Poisoning

Limbaugh Compares Obama to Mugabe Calls Michelle Angry

Obama’s Press Secretary Compares Limbaugh to Cheney

Limbaugh Answers GOP Critic, Drives GOP to Civil War

Democrat Challenges Limbaugh to Debate, Calls Him a Coward

Majority of Americans View Limbaugh Negatively

Democrats Unveil 5 Anti-Limbaugh Billboards

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Limbaugh Attacks Newt Gingrich

Deepak Choprah Attacks Limbaugh’s Bigotry

Limbaugh Says Ted Kennedy Will be Dead By The Time Healthcare Passes

Operation Chaos II: Get Rush

Limbaugh is Making The GOP a Party of Wimps-Newsweek

Limbaugh Challenges Obama to a Debate

David Plouffe Calls Limbuagh the Minority Leader-Washington Post

Conservatives Break With Limbaugh-Huffington Post

Democrats Launch Site For GOPers To Apologize to Rush

Democrats Launch Operation RushBo

Watch the Americans United For Change;s Limbaugh Attack Ad