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From her impact on the national lexicon, to propelling the careers of numerous celebrities and figures and to the countless self-help revelations and mantras that have helped us shape our lives,  Oprah Winfrey’s influence will be long cemented in the public conscious.

As the daily dose of wisdom that has become the Oprah Winfrey show has now come to an end,  BlackAmericaWeb explores Winfrey’s influence  with a list of “The 5 Things We Wouldn’t Know Without ‘The O’.


It’s one of those things that has become so popular that it’s entered the national lexicon. An “a-ha moment” is that instance of clarity that people arrive at when they see a situation from all sides for the first time. It is a phrase that has become as associated with Winfrey as “Dy-no-mite” was once associated with J.J. on “Good Times.” Winfrey’s fan base embraced the term as they learned things on her show that allowed them to see a situation from a new perspective, and hopefully end their suffering or be able to forgive.

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