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NEW YORK– Hit television show “Glee” shocked viewers when they aired an anti-bullying P.S.A last night that contained the use of  uncensored racial and other unacceptable slurs in order to promote a campaign to end the use of the “R-Word”; a slur commonly used to describe mentally challenged people.

“It is not acceptable to call me a n—–,” a black man says to the camera, followed by Latina woman who says, “It is not acceptable to call me a s—“; an Asian woman a “ch—“; a gay man a “f–“; and a Jewish person a “k—.”.

Following all the slurs, Jane Lynch is seen with a young girl who speaks about how it is inappropriate to call anyone the r-word.

“The R-word is the same as every minority slur,” Lynch adds. “Treat it that way and don’t use it.”




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