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MIAMI — A field of 11 candidates for Miami-Dade County mayor has been reduced to two.

With all precincts reporting, unofficial results Tuesday night show Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina took 34 percent of the vote and former County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez took 29 percent in the special election. Since neither won a majority, a June 28 runoff will decide the winner.

Others running to replace Mayor Carlos Alvarez — who was ousted in a March recall — included former 2 Live Crew rapper Luther “Luke” Campbell and former State Rep. Marcelo Llorente. Campbell took 11 percent and Llorente took 15.

With more than 2.5 million people, Miami-Dade is the most populous area ever to recall a local official.

In his concession speech, Campbell said:

“We started off as a joke; I feel like right now people take us seriously. And I’d like to say we did it in 45 days with less than $10,000, all volunteers, 100 percent. We had fundraisers where we would raise $50 and fundraisers where we would raise $500 and that was more important than taking any special interest money. I mean, we could have easily taken hundreds of thousands of dollars but we didn’t do that because we wanted to stay true to the people, and that’s what it’s all about: staying true to the people.”

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