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There has been a lot of drama going on in Mexico between rival drug cartels and government officials. Police men and other anti-drug and kidnapping officials are getting killed at an alarming rate compounded with the regular casualties from a drug war.

The Mexican president has blamed US “corruption” for hampering his nation’s efforts to combat violent drug cartels.

Felipe Calderon also told the AFP news agency that the main cause of Mexico’s drug gang problems was “having the world’s biggest consumer [of drugs] next to us”.

“Drug trafficking in the United States is fuelled by the phenomenon of corruption on the part of the American authorities,” he said on Wednesday.

The Mexican president launched a massive assault on drug cartels after entering office in late 2006 but the cartels have responded with campaigns of violence and intimidation that left 6,000 dead in 2008 alone and around 1,000 in 2009 so far.

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