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NEW YORK– The mother of Gennette Cordova, the college student who received a lewd photo from Rep. Anthony Weiner via Twitter, is infuriated by how the politician is handling the issue, and says its a huge distraction for her daughter who is taking finals at the time.

“I’m really upset. I feel like he’s a person of power and influence, who can make a statement and make all this go away,” Carol Mizuguchi said.

Only days after Weiner claimed that his Twitter was hacked and that the photo was sent as a prank, he stated yesterday that he “can’t say with certitude” that the photo was not him.

“It’s a distraction [for Gennette],” she said. “It’s during her finals and she’s 21 years old.”

The aspiring journalist even dropped one of her classes in the wake of the scandal, according to a faculty adviser.

“She’s just trying to have a normal life,” Cordova’s mom said.



Awkward! Rep. Weiner Says Hacker Sent Lewd Photo From His Twitter