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NEW YORK– Gennette Cordova is a 21-year-old community college student from Seattle Washington, who has been on the cover story of the New York Post, written a statement in the New York Daily News, and has been featured on the Today Show— but who is she?

Cordova, a Journalism major at Whatcom Community College who describes herself as a “Type A, progressive, humanitarian in the making”,  is at the center of a scandal involving congressman Anthony Weiner from New York, after she received a lewd picture from the politico. She is one of 198 people whom Weiner follows on Twitter.

She recently professed in a statement she wrote for the NYdailynews that she never met Weiner, and had no idea why the picture was sent to her.

“I am a 21-year-old college student from Seattle. I have never met Congressman Weiner, though I am a fan. I go to school in Bellingham where I spend all of my time; I’ve never been to New York or to DC. The point I am trying to make is that, contrary to the impression that I apparently gave from my tweet, I am not his girlfriend. Nor am I the wife, girlfriend or mistress of Barack Obama, Ray Allen or Cristiano Ronaldo, despite the fact that I have made similar assertions about them via Twitter.”

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Cordova has recieved backlash from many, who have called her a “media-whore”, and has also been accused of hacking Weiner’s Twitter. The very outspoken and opportunistic student has risen to the occasion, and has taken every chance she can to clear her name.

I have seen myself labeled as the “Femme Fatale of Weinergate,” “Anthony Weiner’s 21-year-old coed mistress” and “the self-proclaimed girlfriend of Anthony Weiner.”

This scandal is like the internship of a lifetime for a journalism student, who has pointed out on her Twitter that the pestering journalists are making her consider changing her profession.

However, she is learning from the situation, she says:

This is teaching me an invaluable lesson about the importance of journalistic ethics and standards.

Cordova has been “worn out” and harassed by journalists and anonymous harassers in recent days.

This scandal serves as a lesson to Cordova about  internet privacy in the 21st century.


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