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We recently reported that the Rev. Bernice King stepped down as an elder at the Newbirth Missionary Baptist church. Many believed that her departure was related to the recent settlement between Bishop Eddie Long and the young men who accused him of sexual misconduct. Rev. King’s actions certainly caused a stir.

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As the daughter of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, her actions are watched closely and were interpreted as a verdict of judgment on Newbirth. It turns out that Bernice King’s decision to step down was not related to the legal problems of the pastor. Speaking to the radio station Praise 102.5 based in Atlanta, King told the outlet that “her decision to leave her post is unrelated to Bishop Eddie Long’s recent settlement of four sexual misconduct lawsuits.” In fact, the reverend intends to start her own ministry, according to the interview she gave host Rhodell Lewis. Now that’s a shocker, and seems like “perfect timing.”

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Listen to the full interview below, and leave your comments. This is certainly an interesting twist in an ongoing drama.