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Tina Davis, the woman caught up in the Chris Brown/Rihanna scandal has a very interesting history. She is a very powerful woman in the record business and is more than 20 years older than him. In 2007, Sandra Rose reported that Chris Brown had been romantically involved with Davis, his manager.

Apparently, rumors are flying about Chris Brown and his manager. The drama behind the scenes has become so disruptive that it threatens the start of the tour. My source tells me exclusively that Chris Brown has been intimate with his manger since she met him at the tender age of 16! And furthermore, he is “madly in love with her.”

This explains why Chris has never been known to have a girlfriend. Apparently, Chris’ mom Joyce recently became aware of the situation and is not at all happy. “That’s where the drama comes in,” says my source. They say a mother always knows – but the happy couple managed to keep their relationship under wraps for 2 years.

In a previous issue of Giant Magazine, it was revealed that Davis moved Chris Brown in with her for an extended period of time.

Davis was fired from Def Jam not long after. Brown called her the same day and asked her to be his manager. He hadn’t signed the Def Jam deal. She moved him in with her in New Jersey and got him a deal with Jive Records, now home to R&B’s ruling class: R. Kelly, Justin Timberlake, T-Pain, Joe and Huey.

“Me and T.J. used to stay at Tina’s house all the time. We thought she was super rich!” Brown says. “She lived in a regular neighborhood, and we was from the ghetto. We was wearing a whole bunch of dirty clothes. She would buy us fresh things every week, new sneakers.” And he started doing his schoolwork through an Internet home-school program partially because it seemed like his friends in Virginia were hating on him anyway. Brown had been back to Virginia for his ninth and 10th grade basketball seasons but had been getting into fights, so after that, it was a wrap. He was too busy learning how to become a pop star.

Sandra Rose has also reported that Davis has a crew of older women who prey on young male artists.

According to a very credible source, Tina Davis — who we now know was the reason behind Chris Brown going upside Rihanna’s head — runs with a crew of well-known industry cougars who lust after young impressionable artists on the come-up.

The names of these women would surprise you if I revealed them. Some of these chicks are behind the careers of the biggest names in the music business.

Tina Davis is from the Bay Area and got into the music business dancing for rapper, E-40. She attended Grambling State University where she studied mass communication and was a radio personality. She began working at Def Jam in 1995 as a West Coast A&R, working with artists such as Warren G. She moved to new York to run the A&R Department, working with artists as DMX, Method Man, Red Man, and Montell Jordan and soundtracks for The Nutty Professor II, Rush Hour, Belly and How to be a Player.

Davis originally wanted so sign Chris Brown to Def Jam but left and became his manager. She would go on to sign him to Jive Records.

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