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Did you honestly think that our boycott of all GOP “big-wigs” would end at Limbaugh and Jindal? How could we leave out the lovable hip-hop aficionado also vying for the top seat in the Republican Party, Michael Steele?!

Among his many failings since he was appointed to be the head of the RNC, his biggest may be the humiliation and confusion he has caused for the whole identity-building exercise he was hired to resolve. The GOP, in their naive and misguided attempt to appeal to the new America under President Obama, thought making a Black man the face of the party would help them gain some traction with the public.

Unfortunately, their plan backfired. It’s kind of hard to be the face of the party when the unofficial party-head is a crazed radio talk-show host…. *ahem*

NewsOne is working to expose the Republican Party for what it is: a bunch of old dogs who are completely out of touch and fumbling to survive in these dynamic and desperate times.

Michael Steele, we’re not too distracted by Limbaugh and Jindal. We’ve got our eye on you too!


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