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An op-ed appearing on TheGrio today talks about Wikileaks documents and how they reveal that the U.S. has held back Haiti both financially and politically throughout time.

The writer, Mycheal Denzel Smith, claims that instead of looking out for the Haitian people and helping to build their interests both structurally and economically, the U.S. has just looked out for itself.

He writes that the U.S. is in complete fear of Haiti becoming a socialist country like Cuba or Venenzuela. Therefore, they have prevented the country from establishing any progressive economic goals.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Again and again, the U.S. has used its influence as the world superpower to exploit Haiti’s political uncertainty and ensure a safe haven for its global corporations to operate in ways that bypass American laws regarding labor and fairness. And because we see only the bottom line in personal pocket books, the American public turns blind eye towards these global injustices.

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