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While Lady Gaga is known across the globe as a pop superstar, little is known about the mastermind behind the “Gaga machine.”

Troy Carter, the manager of Gaga, has been influential in the entertainer’s rise to stardom. Utilizing the advantages of technology, Carter spearheaded business deals that have led Gaga to 10 million Twitter followers and 36 million Facebook fans.

According to The Root, Carter has been triumphant in bridging music and technology, which has led the singer to promotional deals with Google, Zynga and Gil. Gaga’s new album, “Born This Way,” debuted last week with 1.1 million record sales. Much of that success has been attributed to digital promotion.

“There was a time when radio stations wouldn’t play Gaga’s music because it was considered dance,” Carter said. “Outside of live performances, the Internet became our primary tool to help people discover her music.”



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