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PARIS — Naomi Campbell’s former agent Carole White told the UK’s Daily Mail that Paris and Milan don’t want any Black models in their runway shows.

The article called “Is The Fashion Industry Racist? Yes — And It Goes Right To Its Core,” speaks about the continuing racism Black models face in the fashion industry.

The Huffington Post reports:

White, Naomi Campbell’s former agent, remarked, “At the high end, it is slightly better now. But in the mid-range — the catalogues, the e-commerce websites — it is difficult. They want girls who are ethnic, but light-skinned girls. If a girl is very dark, they say no.”

Jones adds:

Carole says the problem stems from the influential fashion capitals of Milan and Paris.

‘There, they absolutely don’t want black girls. A black model has to be a real star before you can take her there. They only take a black girl when the biz is buzzing about her.’

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