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House Speaker John Boehner warned President Obama in a letter Tuesday that he may face legal repercussions for issuing U.S. military involvement in Libya without authorization from Congress.

Boehner requested Obama to justify U.S. involvement, and warned the President that he may be in violation of the 1973 War Powers Resolution if he does not halt action.

“It would appear that in five days, the administration will be in violation of the War Powers Resolution unless it asks for and receives authorization from Congress or withdraws all U.S. troops and resources from the mission,” Boehner said in the letter.

Obama possibly is not in violation of the law,  considering the fact that U.S. only is providing NATO with logistical support, and has no troops on the ground in Libya.

Boehner gave President Obama a deadline to justify the action in Libya:

“Have you … conducted the legal analysis to justify your position?” he asked. “Given the gravity of the constitutional and statutory questions involved, I request your answer by Friday, June 17, 2011.”


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