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Rapper Lupe Fiasco, who recently caused a stir after a CBS interview in which he called President Obama “the biggest terrorist of the United States,” is reportedly scheduled as a guest on “The O’ Reilly Factor.”

Black reports:

O’ Reilly has called Lupe’s words “outrageous” and furthered his critique of the rapper by labeling him a “pinhead” for rejecting an invitation to appear on his show.

Fiasco has denied ever turning down O’ Reilly’s invite, leaving it unclear whether he will be on the show or not.

But according to the Examiner, the rapper is confirmed as a guest next week to speak on his controversial comments on Obama.

In the original interview, Fiasco also explained that he doesn’t vote because he does not believe in putting his name on paper to stand by the thoughts and actions of another person.


Rapper Lupe Fiasco Calls Obama “The Biggest Terrorist”