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NEW YORK — Hip-Hop manager Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond was arrested in New York City outside the posh W Hotel in Union Square where he was staying.

Rosemond had been avoiding authorities since he was indicted on drug conspiracy charges last month.

Rosemond wrote an open letter through blaming a government conspiracy and untrustworthy informants such as Dexter Isaac for his indictment. Isaac responded to the allegation by claiming that Rosemond paid him to rob and shoot Tupac Shakur in a New York City Studio in 1994. Recently, two of Rosemond’s associates were indicted for killing Lowell Fletcher, a man who had plead guilty to assaulting Rosemond’s son, James Jr. Fletcher was with 50 Cent associate, Tony Yayo aka Marvin Bernard at the time of the assault.

The New York Daily News Reports:

Rosemond was hiding in plain sight at the posh hotel where the rooms can run $1,000 a night and the opulent features include in-room spa treatments, goose down pillows and 24-hour room service.

The Czar Entertainment head tried to bolt the Manhattan hotel but was tackled by marshals Tuesday morning, and chipped a tooth when he fell, officials said.

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