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Over the past few weeks, NewsOne has received hundreds and hundreds of comments on some of our stories.  Whether it’s outrage over the economy, people sharing stories about losing homes, or expressing support or anger about Chris Brown/Rihanna, Black Planet members have had a lot to say.

To credit our very current and in-the-know supporters, every week we will post a Photo Gallery of The Best NewsOne Comments Of The Week!   Did yours make it??   If not, keep commenting, because we’re reading!

And if you would like to nominate a BEST COMMENT for next week, please let us know…Seattle Police Girl

brownlonglegs commented on the Seattle Police Brutality Case

They should fire the old pigs and beat both their ass like they did her. Let them stand up to a man and try to do that, their ass would back down.

Olivia 86 commented on the Seattle Police Brutality Case

Wow! iYou cant woop your kids but a cop can kick, beat and then drag a 15 year old girl by her hair?! Then he said he wasnt guilty?! Im sorry but what the HELL!!! There is no way that this can go on without those cops getting in trouble. And wht was the other cop doing standing there while this 15year old child was being beat by this grown man? They both need to be locked up. No questions asked!!

Roni_pisces_86 commented on the Military Cover-Up Of A Rape & Murder

I am so hurt by what I heard…. I really have nothin to say but that my heart and prayers go out to her family….I really don’t understand why people are the way that they are not why they do the things that they do it makes no sense to me at all…

stardune commented on the Top 10 Reasons Bobby Jindal Is Not The Next Barack Obama

He is a white man’s uncle Tom in whatever race his want to be????, and all the Republicans are stupid and whatever falls down on them should damage them all. They are narrow mind BIGOTS!!! And Jindal is a no class Bigot.

sistuh777 commented on California Mayor Emails White House Watermelons Picture

What an ignorant, racist, full of hate ass. What is wrong with these people? Is it really that bad for them? And to think that the people sending these racist emails are people in charge of what affects people of color and others in how we live and get by in our worlds. Thank God President Obama, is above it and is carrying himself with dignity and ignoring this crap. These people need to pray for their souls. HARD.

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