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Time Magazine editor-at-large Mark Halperin referred to President Obama as a part of the male anatomy this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

In surprising fashion Halperin, a political analyst, called Obama a “d—” while offering his opinion on the president’s delivery at yesterday’s press conference.

While speaking with the show’s hosts Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski, Halperin inquired, “Do we have the seven-second delay today? I want to characterize how I thought the President behaved.”

Scarborough replied, “Yeah, sure, come one, take a chance. Have faith.”

The rest of the conversation went as followed:

Brzezinski:” And the precedent has been set on the show, so you’re good”, [referring to his 2008 F-bomb on the air, which resulted in MSNBC instituting the seven second delay].

Halperin: “I thought he was kind of a d— yesterday.”

Scarborough: “Oh my God. Delay that! Delay that! What are you doing? I can’t believe you. I was joking! Don’t do that! Did we delay that?”

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