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What was billed as “The Showdown” by the National Newspapers Publishers Association in Chicago turned into more of a dignified discussion between Rev. Al Sharpton and Cornel West this past weekend.

A panel discussion at the NNPA’s annual convention didn’t produce any of the expected fireworks, and Sharpton made sure to inform the attendees to go somewhere else if they were looking for heated debate.

”I want to get (something) out of the way early,” said Sharpton, leader of the National Action Network. ”Folks have been saying that Cornel West and I are going to have a ‘showdown’ today.” If you’re looking for a circus ”there’s a Chicago zoo,” he said.

It was only a few months ago when a nationally televised panel discussion on MSNBC showed Sharpton and West going at it. Sharpton was in defense of President Obama and his policies, while West was critical of the president for his lack of urgency on the issue of Black unemployment.

This past weekend, Sharpton and West both spoke about the same issues, and continued to challenge each other on issues affecting the Black community.

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