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“Last Laugh” a new mockumentary movie starring Chris Rock’s younger brother, Tony Rock, premiered at the American Black Film Festival last week. The movie is shot in fake documentary style which allows the viewer to believe that they are watching a real story and not a piece of fiction.

The movie starts off as a comedy, following comedian Jeff Woods as he exits rehab to try and resurrect his once promising career. The movie features interviews with real life comedians who talk about Woods career and struggles.

While the movie is technically a comedy, it turns into a tragedy as we see Woods return to drug abuse.

Rock paints a sympathetic picture of a drug addict as we see the effects his affliction has on his friends and family.

The mockumentary format allows the movie to paint a very real picture of drug abuse in a realistic way. Director, Kenny Young mixes comedy and tragedy to show how drug abuse affects people and the people around them.

Hopefully this movie can find distribution to both entertain people and enlighten them about the struggles drugs have on people and their families.


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