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As one the few national magazines that caters to the African-American audience, Essence Magazine chose Michael Bullerdick, a white man, to serve as its managing editor — a decision many find rather dubious.

Dr. Boyce Watkins questions the impact such a decision could have on Essence’s editorial content and its readers.

An Excerpt Reads:

This is not the first time Essence has gotten attention for putting a non-black person in a powerful position.  There was some degree of public concern when Ellianna Placas was selected as the Fashion Director for the magazine, overlooking scores of seasoned and talented black women who can’t get jobs at other magazines.  While one has to applaud those who simply believe that the best people are being chosen for these opportunities, we must also wonder if a black man could be named Managing Editor of a magazine for Jewish women.



Essence EIC Responds To Controversy Over White Editor