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Oprah Winfrey was named on Wednesday the chief executive and chief creative officer of OWN, the cable network she launched earlier this year.

Winfrey posted a letter on Facebook today, explaining that Harpo Productions Inc. will join forces with OWN to run the network. The letter read:

So as of today… Harpo Team and OWN team become ONE.

Our intention is to use the cable platform and the internet platform and the mobile platform to create messages that fill you up and bring you to new levels of awareness about yourself, ourselves, and our world; our potential…

It’s an incredible challenge ahead trying to figure out what kind of shows and programming will resonate with you, inspire you, bring a little piece of light into your already crowded existence. But I feel called to do it, and will be relying on your feedback, emails and tweets and message boards to let me know what you think.



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