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A general consensus among some conservatives, in Iowa especially, is that presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty’s refusal to sign Iowa’s “Marriage Vow” could be political suicide.

The anti-gay-marriage, anti-porn, anti-abortion, anti-divorce pledge, drafted by Conservative stalwart Bob Vander Plaats, founder of The Family Leader has been signed by Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, however Pawlenty said he would not.

The Daily Beast published an article examining the damaging affects Pawlenty’s decision could have on his voter base, especially in Iowa where the influential Plaats said The Family Leader would not support any candidate who does not sign the pledge.

An Excerpt Reads:

Any sign of an impulse toward moderation or conciliation will only hurt Pawlenty with this crowd. They already think he’s soft after he backed down on his “Obamneycare” claims during the New Hampshire primary debate. Now they’re going to believe that liberal criticism scared him off from the pledge. “It reinforces the narrative that’s seeping in that he is soft,” says Deace. “Tim Pawlenty might be having too many people telling him what to say, and so he’s not comfortable in his own skin,” echoes Vander Plaats. Whether these assessments are fair is almost beside the point. What matters is what Iowa conservatives believe.



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