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Typically when advertisers mix racial stereotypes with advertisements for their products, disaster ensues.

A new Summer’s Eve advertisement can be perceived as not just racist, but sexist and blatantly tasteless as well.

The “Summer’s Eve Hail to the V: Lady Wowza” commercial promotes a women’s cleansing product rather candidly. In the 55 second video, a Black woman’s hand can be seen, cupped in a shape of a vagina. The talking “V” named Lady Wowza begins a monologue, speaking to the person it is attached to.

“Girl I’ve seen how much time you spend stylin’ your hair,” Lady Wowza says.

The monologue continues, Wowza mentions going clubbing, and finishes the video saying “Hail to the V!”

These types of ads show you that there is a clear lack of minority representation in many of these companies. For an ad of this nature to be released by this company, shows that there aren’t any Black eyes or ears to tell them what they are producing is wrong.

What do you think? Is this ad racist or offensive?