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5. Col Allan. Editor Of The New York Post

Col Allan is the Australian born editor for Rupert Murdoch’s flagship U.S. paper, The New York Post. Like Fox News, The Post combines tabloid journalism with racism and right-wing propaganda. Allan was at the center of the controversy of the Obama-Chimp cartoon drawn by Post cartoonist, Sean Delonas, which seemingly both called the President of the United States a chimp and called for his assassination.

Former Post employee, Sandra Guzman, sued the paper and Col Allan claiming that Allan showed female employees pictures of men’s penises on his Blackberry; and would rub his penis on female employees, and sexually harass them. Guzman would also claim that Post employees would make fun of non-white employees heritage, and that non-white employees were fired unjustly. In the lawsuit she claimed that the Post’s goal was to “destroy Barack Obama.”

4. Andy Coulson, Editor, News Of The World

Andy Coulson is part of the English phone-hacking scandal that is currently threatening Murdoch’s media empire.

In 2008, Coulson was successfully sued for $1.2 million for “bullying” by a former employee. The New York Times reported that Coulson encouraged employees to illegally hack into people’s voicemail, and Channel 4 reported that he listened to illegally intercepted voicemails himself. Like many Murdoch employees, Coulson blurred the line between journalist and political operative, becoming Director of Communications for U.K. Prime Minister, David Cameron.

3. Glenn Beck. Fox News Host

Although Beck is now gone from Fox News, he is still one of Murdoch’s worst employees.

Beck propagates wild conspiracy theories, while demonizing President Barack Obama as a Hitler-like communist who plans on bringing back slavery and concentration camps. Murdoch said he agreed with Beck’s claim that Obama was “racist” and “hated white people.”

2. Judith Regan. Fox News Host/Regan Books Publisher

Judith Regan was partners with Murdoch for ReganBooks — her own book publishing company — and was a former Fox News host.

Regan caused controversy with her book with O.J. Simpson, “If I Did It,” in which Simpson gave a detailed confession of what would have happened “if” he killed Nicole Brown Simpson. Regan had arranged for a confession from Simpson to air on Fox News, but both the book and confession were canceled after backlash.

Regan would go on to sue NewsCorp for $100 million after she was fired for allegedly making anti-Semitic comments. Regan claimed that she was forced by Fox News head, Roger Ailes, to lie to federal prosecutors about an affair she was having with Bernard Kerik, Rudy Giuliani’s right hand man and former President Bush nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security. Regan would receive an eight figure settlement  from News Corp, and Kerik would later be convicted and jailed for conspiracy, tax fraud and making false statements.

1. Roger Ailes. Head Of Fox News

Roger Ailes has been masking right-wing propaganda as “Fair and Balanced” news since before Fox News was thought of. Ailes began as a media consultant for Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon and has been manipulating the media for right-wing causes ever since.

After Obama was elected, Ailes would continue these attacks against Obama and his associates, making big issues out of ACORN, the New Black Panther Party and Van Jones. Under his guidance, Fox News propelled the anti-Obama Tea Party to a serious national movement.

One of Ailes suggestions for the Nixon campaign was to plant a racist at a townhall to ask Nixon about the n-word.

To balance an obligatory “Negro” on a panel in Philadelphia, Ailes dreamed of adding a “good, mean Wallacite cab driver.”

“Wouldn’t that be great? Some guy to sit there and say, ‘Awright, Mac, what about these ni**ers?'”

Ailes was responsible for the infamous Wille Horton anti-Dukakis ads while working for George Bush Sr., which pundits said used race-bating and fear to garner support for Bush. Of the ad, Ailes said:

“The only question is whether we depict Willie Horton with a knife in his hand or without it.”

Ailes would go on to produce right-wing bigot, Rush Limbaugh’s, short lived syndicated TV show in the nineties.

In 1996, Ailes founded Fox News with Rupert Murdoch. Ailes would incorporate talking points from Fox News directly from the Bush White House, and Fox News would defend and support Bush’s choice to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the 2008 election, Ailes started his attack on candidate Barack Obama by jokingly mistaking him for Osama Bin Laden. His army of Fox News commentators and hosts would demonize Obama as Muslim, a socialist, and a militant African. Ailes would use the same race-baiting scare tactics he did with Willie Horton to turn Reverend Wright, and Michelle Obama’s alleged “Whitey Tape” into scandals.

Since the election, Ailes has continued his attacks on Obama. Scaring his white, uneducated demographic with made up scandals about ACORN, the New Black Panther Party, and rapper Common. Ailes has been a champion for the anti-Obama Tea Party movements and the ridiculous birther movement. There are rumors that Ailes may be the next Murdoch employee to undergo a government investigation due to his dealings with Judith Regan and Bernard Kerik.


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