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How often do total strangers touch your hair a day?

If you are a Black woman with a natural hairstyle, it may not be too uncommon that your hair will be fondled by a curious stranger a couple times a week.

Some Black women welcome the prods and pokes, while others are totally are repulsed by the “hair-assault,” especially when it is a White person doing so.

Blogger Los Angelista  is totally against White people touching her hair, she says because, “My black ancestors may have been your ancestors’ property, and had to smile while they got touched in ways they didn’t want to, but I am not YOUR property and never will be so you’d best move your hand away from me.”

One woman with natural hair, Tamara Winfrey Harris, tells that a total stranger reached for her hair in a restaurant, as she was waiting to be seated at a table.

Just as the couple rose to go, a middle-aged white woman standing nearby reached out swiftly to touch Winfrey Harris’s hair which at the time was styled in natural twists.

“She missed by mere seconds, she was actually going to grab my hair as I walked past her,” recalled Winfrey Harris who runs the blog What Tami Said. “I turned around and she said, ‘Oh, your hair is neat.’ It just floored me because who does that, just reaches out and touches strangers?”

How do you feel about this?



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